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The DeRouchey's,
The Hofschulte's,
and the Fort Families
The Primo Story

Why Primo was formed - Primo was started as a vision from a group of 3 families who have been successfully involved in the show pig world for more than 100 years collectively. All 3 of the families involved, the Fort's, Hofschulte's, and DeRouchey's felt there was an opportunity to improve several aspects regarding show feed. Beginning with nutrition, availability, and freshness at an economical price.  

How Primo began - A few years ago Dr. Joel DeRouchey, PHD nutritionist well known for his cutting-edge swine nutrition work with the commercial swine industry, started creating feed formulas for his kids show pigs in Kansas. They began to win and win a lot. Tim Fort, whose family and winning reputation and friendship with Fred DeRouchey, Joel's father, spans back to the early 1990's.  Tim and Joel had worked together in the commercial swine industry around the globe and Tim knew Joel had been winning consistently with his own feed formulas and the conversation began during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. At the same time Nick Hofschulte expressed interest in doing something new with regards to feed on their 100 sow show pig operation in Oklahoma, Hofschulte Genetics which is without a doubt one of the country's most reputable and successful pig breeders.

Primo Development and Testing - Shortly after in 2022 Tim and Nick asked Joel to make some additional formulas with specific specs they felt necessary to compete at a high level and win major shows. The Primo line was created and tested in 2022 and 2023 show seasons primarily in the Fort barn in Texas.  The results were amazing, and the Fort girls racked up a series of consistent wins at jackpots and major shows that they had never experienced before. A couple of those wins included the 2023 Grand Champion Barrow at Fort Worth and the 2023 Champion Crossbred Gilt at San Antonio within a week of each other. Many more class winners and champions were crowned during the 2022/2023 show season using Primo feed. The Primo test with the Fort Twins on the show pigs industry's biggest stage in Texas verified what Joel DeRouchey and his family had been experiencing for years in Kansas. 


Primo Launch - After many requests to divulge the secret, we decided to share the Primo Experience with the public and are excited to debut Primo show feed in the fall of 2023 starting in Texas and Oklahoma, with more states to follow. All of us here at Primo are excited and dedicated to your success and want to share our knowledge, know how, and experience feeding show pigs with you and your family. From our families to yours, let's share in the dreams. TOGETHER! 

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