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USHIELD supports digestion and the absorption of ingredients. This product also helps maintain a healthy intestinal track and promotes normal pH. U SHIELD begins to work upon ingestion and can be administered directly into the animals mouth. Signs of stomach concerns may include poor appetite, lack luster condition, behavioral changes

and declining performance.
Add U SHIELD to your animal’s daily food to promote healthy weight, excellent appetite and calm temperament.

Active Ingredients (per ounce)
A proprietary blend of:
Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide .............. 2,420 mg


CATTLE off feed (Use 1 ounce pump)
Loading Dose: Depending on weight, give 1–2 pumps (1 ounce/30ml, 2 ounces/60ml) twice daily until animal improves
Maintenance: Give 1 pump (1 ounce/30ml) once daily

GOATS, SHEEP AND SWINE off feed (Use 1/2 ounce pump)
Loading Dose: Give 1 pump (1/2 ounce/15ml) twice daily until animal improves Maintenance: Give 1 pump (1/2 ounce/15ml) once daily


CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS products should be stored at 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme hot and cold temperatures and direct sunlight may cause ingredient breakdown. When properly stored, U SHIELD has a shelf life of two years.


Once the container is opened, continually use contents until the container is finished.

U Shield

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